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  • The vile, hated orcs are the commonest, evil, humanoid race of the Pathfinder global, the sword-fodder of numerous celebrated heroes and bold adventurers. yet they’re additionally one of the such a lot populous civilized creatures in the world, and their centuries-spanning conflicts with dwarves, elves, and people shape the pages upon which the historical past of mankind is written in blood. Pathfinder spouse: Orcs of Golarion offers Pathfinder RPG avid gamers every little thing they should struggle — or play — orc and half-orc characters, bringing this shadowy race to the savage forefront!
  • Learn the key historical past of this brutish race, from their first emergence from the Darklands into the sunlit global to the most recent stories from the orcish realm of Belkzen and different very important orc strongholds. realize the actual and psychological traits of orcs and their half-breed family members, discover their strange tradition, and select a suitable crusade trait to your orc or orc-slaying participant personality. With broad notes on orc faith and worship practices, orc tribal magic, and orc guns, wrestle strategies, and rage powers, this Pathfinder Companion is an absolute necessity for any who may conflict orcish evil — or enjoy it!

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