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And from there they slip all the way down to the basis of the area [the 9th sefirah], because it is expounded [Hos. 14:9] "I am like an evergreen cypress, from me comes your fruit. " And from there to the backyard of the King's Palace [the 10th sefirah]. And from there they exit and dress themselves [in our bodies] within the inferior [sublunar] global. I publish that this passage is the direct resource of Pico's thesis, in basic terms that Pico restated the doctrine of his resource in differept phrases which he used improperly via no fault of his. CONCLUSIO IX consistent with intercourse dies geneseos habemus intelligere intercourse extremitates aedificii procedentes a Bresith sicut procedunt cedri a Libano. Cf. Recanati, fol. 14vb: within the Zohar [part I, fol. three lr] Rabbi Yose requested [Rabbi Simeon]: "those six days of beresit [creation] which we have now been discussing, what are they? He spoke back: they're because it is written [Ps. 104:16] 'the cedars of Lebanon which He planted. ' As these cedars factor from Lebanon, so these six days factor from Beresit. And the six are laid out in the verse [1 Chron. 29:11] 'Thine, Ο Lord, is the greatness [gedullah] and the ability [geburah] and the respect [tiferet], and the victory [nesah], and the majesty [hod]; for all that's within the heavens and within the earth is thine; thine is the dominion [malkut], Ο Lord, and thou artwork exalted as head principally. '" [Recanati provides his personal remark] He [Rabbi Simeon] indicated that they emanate from Hokmah [Wisdom], known as Resit, and they are known as crops. intercourse extremitates aedificii is a standard technical time period. in terms of illustra- tion, I quote the Kabbalistic word list Liber de Radicibus, Cod. Vat. Ebr. a hundred ninety, fol. 261r: mxp W1D Xex Kesauoth, identification est intercourse extrema, considerantur duobus modis, uel in universali uel in particulari. In universali quidem est Thiphereth [sixth sefirah] solus, quia est ornatus et universalizatus ex intercourse extremis, et hoc indicatur in line with illud quod dicitur in textu [Eccl. 1:7] Omnes torrentes tendunt advert mare, quia scilicet according to Tiphereth tendunt intercourse extrema quae dicuntur torrentes contenti in eo advert Athereth [Diadem, the 10th sefirah] quae dicitur mare [cf. Conclusio xxvii]. Si uero considerantur in particulari sunt pietas [Hesed, in a different way known as Gedullah, the fourth sefirah], potentia, eternitas [Nesah, Eternity or Victory], decor, fundamentum seculi, et diadema. [29] Pico's stumble upon with Jewish Mysticism CONCLUSIO X Rectius dicitur quod paradisus take a seat totum aedificium quam quod take a seat decima; et in medio eius est collocatus magnus Adam qui est Tipheret. Cf. Recanati, fols. 17va-18ra: "And our lord god planted a backyard in Eden, within the east; and there he positioned the guy whom he had shaped" [Gen. 2:8] ... "A backyard in Eden" — the backyard is the cluster of bushes that are the Greatness, the facility, and so on. ... "And there he placed the guy whom he had formed". improved guy shows Tiferet and he's in the course of the acknowledged backyard. The backyard [also] exhibits the Congregation of Israel [the 10th sefirah] because it is expounded [Song of Sol. 4:12] "A backyard locked is my sister, my bride.

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