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By Frank W. Harris and Harry J. Spinelli (Eds.)

content material: hot temperature polymers from thermally curable oligomers / Paul M. Hergenrother --
Synthesis of bisphenol-based acetylene terminated thermosetting resins / J.S. Wallace, F.E. Arnold, and W.A. Feld --
Arylether sulfone oligomers with acetylene termination from the Ullman ether response / P.M. Lindley, L.G. Picklesimer, B. Evans, F.E. Arnold, and J.J. Kane --
community constitution in polymers from bisphthalonitriles / Jeffrey A. Hinkley --
Intermolecular and intramolecular reactions of substituted norbornenyl imides / Chaim N. Sukenik, Vinay Malhotra, and Uday Varde --
Thermally good polymers for digital purposes / D.J. Dawson, W.W. Fleming, J.R. Lyerla, and J. financial system --
Ethynyl end-capped polyimide oligomers containing oxyethylene linkages : synthesis and characterization / Frank W. Harris and ok. Sridhar --
Polyaromatics with terminal or pendant styrene teams : a brand new classification of thermally reactive oligomers / Virgil Percec and Brian C. Auman --
N-cyanourea-terminated resins / S.C. Lin --
Chain extendable oligomers for high-solids coatings / J.W. Holubka --
New telechelic polymers and sequential copolymers via polyfunctional initiator-transfer brokers (inifers) : finish reactive polyisobutylenes by way of semicontinuous polymerization / Rudolf Faust, Agota Fehervari, and Joseph P. Kennedy --
Functionalization of polymeric organolithium compounds : synthesis of macromolecular ketones and telechelic amines / Roderic P. Quirk, Wei-Chih Chen, and Pao-Luo Cheng --
Free-radical ring-opening polymerization : use in synthesis of reactive oligomers / William J. Bailey, Benjamin Gapud, Yin-Nian Lin, Zhende Ni, and Shang-Ren Wu --
Reactive difunctional siloxane oligomers : synthesis and characterization / Iskender Yilgör, Judy S. Riffle, and James E. McGrath --
Synthesis of poly(phenylene oxides) via electrooxidative polymerization of phenols / Eishun Tsuchida, Hiroyuki Nishide, and Toshihiko Maekawa --
Coupling and capping reactions on poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) / Dwain M. White and George R. Loucks --
Characterization of hydroxyl-terminated liquid polymers of epichlorohydrin / Simon H. Yu --
Thermal and photograph balance of polyarylates : styrylpyridine-based polymers / Hoh-Jiear Yan and Eli M. Pearce --
Glycol bis(allyl phthalates) as cocross-linkers for diallyl phthalate resins / Akira Matsumoto and Masayoshi Oiwa --
designated sensible triglyceride oils as reactive oligomers for simultaneous interpenetrating networks / L.H. Sperling, J.A. Manson, and G.M. Jordhamo.

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