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By R.T.K.; Tauster, S.J. Baker

content material: powerful metal-support interactions : evidence and uncertainties / S.J. Tauster --
info on metal-support interactions from close to part X-ray absorption spectroscopy and a number of scattering calculations / J.A. Horsley and F.W. Lytle --
Chemisorption and catalysis over TiO₂-modified Pt surfaces / D.J. Dwyer, J.L. Robbins, S.D. Cameron, N. Dudash, and J. Hardenbergh --
results of TiO₂ floor species at the adsorption and coadsorption of CO and H₂ on Ni : implications for methanation over TiO₂-supported Ni / G.B. Raupp and J.A. Dumesic --
aid results studied on version supported catalysts / R.A. Demmin, C.S. Ko, and R.J. Gorte --
proof for the migration of MnO upon relief of Ni-MnOx and its results on CO chemisorption / Y.W. Chung and Y.B. Zhao --
Time dependence of H₂ and O₂ chemisorption on Rh-TiO₂ catalysts / H.F.J. van't Blik, P.H.A. Vriens, and R. Prins --
CO, O₂, and H₂ heats of adsorption on supported Pd / M. Albert Vannice and Pen Chou --
Equilibrium and Kinetic points of sturdy metal-support interactions in Pt-TiO₂ and cobalt-doped Cu-ZnO-Al₂O₃ catalysts / M.S. Spencer --
In situ electron microscopic stories of Ni-TiO₂ interactions / J.A. Dumesic, S.A. Stevenson, J.J. Chludzinski, R.D. Sherwood, and R.T.K. Baker --
Presence and attainable function of Pt ions in hydrocarbon reactions / M.J.P. Botman, Li-Qin She, Yia-Yu Zhang, T.L.M. Maesen, T.L. Slaghek, and V. Ponec --
help influence on chemisorption and catalytic homes of noble catalysts / P. Mériaudeau, M. Dufaux, and C. Naccache --
Metal-support interactions in Ni catalysts : a comparative examine of kinetic and magnetic habit among Nb₂O₅ and phosphate helps / E.I. Ko, J.E. Lester, and G. Marcelin --
Intermetallic compounds as versions for fabrics shaped on the steel crystallite-oxide aid interface / Ralph G. Nuzzo and Lawrence H. Dubois --
influence of H₂ therapy at the catalytic job of Pt-SiO₂ catalysts / H. Zuegg and R. Kramer --
Interactions and floor phenomena in supported steel catalysts / E. Ruckenstein --
results of relief temperature on H₂ adsorption by way of Pt on a number of helps / Jacek A. Szymura and Sieghard E. Wanke --
effect of noble steel debris on semiconducting and insulating oxide fabrics / J. Schwank, A.G. Shastri, and J.Y. Lee --
facts of a metal-surface part oxide interplay for Re on WOx supported on activated carbon / L.L. Murrell, N.C. Dispenziere, Jr., R.T.K. Baker, and J.J. Chludzinski --
Metal-TiO₂ catalysts : digital results in the course of H₂ chemisorption, CO-H₂ interactions, and photocatalysis / J.-M. Herrmann --
Spectroscopic and electrochemical learn of the kingdom of Pt in Pt-TiO₂ catalysts / M. Spichiger-Ulmann, A. Monnier, M. Koudelka, and J. Augustynski.

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