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By Ari Marmell, Bruce R. Cordell

Fiendish dungeons and elemental battlefields await...

A hotbed of event possibilities watch for you within the roiling maelstrom of the basic Chaos–a airplane of titans, elementals, genies, slaads, and demons. This online game complement builds at the evaluation of the fundamental Chaos awarded within the Manual of the Planes™ video game complement and explores the tumultuous airplane is larger element. From the town of Brass to the githzerai monastery of Zerthadlun to the spiraling depths of the Abyss, event lurks in the back of each lava waterfall, throughout each icy battlefield, and past each raging lightning storm.

This online game complement describes the fundamental Chaos intimately, that includes key destinations during the aircraft. It additionally offers a large number of latest monsters, robust primordials, and strong demons, in addition to event hooks, encounters, risks, and every thing Dungeon Masters want to make the fundamental Chaos a featured environment of their campaigns.

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They're extra drawn to raiding primordial tombs for old treasures and robust magic, even if left in the back of because the sunrise battle or accumulated by way of worshipers trying to unfastened their pri­ mordial masters. C HAPTER 1 I Chaos Incarnate ORGANIZATION objectives and techniques The Grave-Minders have been considered as heroes and mar­ tyrs of their early days-parables and psalms have been written approximately them. this present day, the association retains its life mystery. basically its common contacts, a number of educated denizens of the fundamental Chaos, and a half-dozen excessive clergymen of primordial cults and divine church buildings are conscious of the group's present actions. None of them imagine a lot of the Grave-Minders. chief: The organization's chief is elected by way of acclaim, dependent principally on his or her accomplish­ ments. the present head is Ephram Kiembretz, a male human invoker, yet he is nearing retirement. His most likely successor is Lathlenvia Viell, a feminine tief ling rogue. Headquarters: at the infrequent events whilst the Grave-Minders gather, they accomplish that at the spelyam­ mer galleon Ice Princess, which sails the skies and vapors of the aircraft lower than. Hierarchy: The Grave-Minders are divided into independent cells of procurers, who're basically adventuring events, and researchers, consisting mostly of older participants. each one workforce has its personal commander, who studies to the organization's chief. contributors: the crowd accepts somebody formidable and able adequate to shuttle to the dangerous areas of the basic Chaos the place the primordials are imprisoned or entombed. quite a professional sages or specialists function researchers; all of the different individuals of the Grave-Minders are adventurers. Fol­ lowers ofgods and primordials alike are welcome, so long as they do not item to the Grave-Minders' actions. The targets of the Grave-Minders are easy: find the resting areas of primordials, dwelling or useless, and loot the strong and useful treasures came upon there. a few individuals aspire to be wealthy sufficient to shop for and promote complete towns. Others get pleasure from checking out them­ selves opposed to hazards that may problem the gods. a few search rulership, conquest, or perhaps apotheosis, and think this stuff can relief them. an extraordinary few nonetheless serve the unique project, maintaining a tally of the primordials and thwarting the efforts in their fellow individuals. such a lot contributors of the Grave-Minders discover the basic Chaos. the remaining behavior examine within the maximum libraries of the area and within the recorded histories of these few elemental cultures that trouble to maintain such writings. as soon as a primordial grave or felony has been positioned, a crew of tomb raiders travels there to safe no matter what wealth and magic it includes. In different phrases, the Grave-Minders is an adventur· ers' guild in basic terms within the deadliest dungeons and such a lot fearsome foes. background The Grave·Minders have little recorded background. Sup­ posedly, the association was once based inside a number of generations of the top of the sunrise battle. Given how obscured in fable that point is, that declare can't be proven. one thousand years in the past, participants started to get bored in status watch opposed to an occasion that no-one proposal may ever take place.

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